We are a little different to many developers and design houses - we are truly multi tallented. That is to say we can turn our hands to many skills that some companies just can't seem to master. Are we blowing our own trumpet? well yes, but it might sound like a guitar as non of us can play the trumpet, now there's an admission!

Below is a small sample of things we do and have worked on, contact us for more information.

web and software project development


Akita Security Services


Gunstock Graphix


Andresey Lodge No.6408


Garden and Powertools


i Comply Online (AutoProtect)


Bathroom Academy


Mark Master Masons


Capri Guitars


Square Wheels Lodge



When you work on developments, software or databases, you need solid access to servers, it's even better when you have your own equipment with full remote access whenever you want it.
Our sister company, Net Factory has just that - web and separate mail servers, housed in UK data centres, so we can host your project for a lot less than you might think.

search engines

Lets face, it search engines are important and being up there near the top of the first page is every site owners dream. There are oodles of companies out there claiming to get your site ranked number 1, but at what cost?

We get our clients high in the ranks and for a lot less than you might think...

How do we do it, well that would be telling... wouldn't it!


Shop 'till you drop.... or at least until you fall off your chair!

If you want to sell your products online you need a reliable system that won't let you or your customers down. There are dozens of off-the-shelf shopping carts out there for you to play with, but do you have the time and will it do exactly what you want it to?

A Seedy Pea shopping cart will do exactly what you want it to do - because it's custom written for you. So if you want to sell fridges to Eskimos, as long as they can logon to the 'net, we can make it happen.


Watercolour, airbrush, line & wash, pencil... we produce illustrations and graphics for all sorts of businesses.

Unusual angles, where a camera can't go, strange shaped buildings yet to be constructed that require an artists view, a custom painted shotgun stock.

What would you like us to draw for you?

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